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Do real estate awards matter to consumers?

There are few industries that covet personal accolades as much as the real estate industry. We have all seen the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts from fellow Realtors thanking their clients for putting their trust in them, so they were No. 7 in the office this month. Does any of that matter? Do those awards actually translate into future business? Or are they simply a well-worded humble brag?


I’m all for celebrating personal success. In fact, I think we underrate the power of taking a moment to feel content with all the hard work we’ve been putting in. There is something to be said about living in the moment and at least being temporarily satisfied and content with our day-to-day grind.


To be successful in anything, it’s a constant battle between striving for more and feeling content in our lives. After all, what is it all for, if we never stop to enjoy it?


My question is more about the specific examples we constantly see in our social feeds. I am guilty of this practice too. For many years I would post those same messages, thanking my clients for making me No. X this month or for reaching X award level within my franchise. The story I told myself was that someone out there on the fence about selling their home, or at the beginning of their home-buying process, would see that post and trust me enough to at least make an inquiry.


I can’t say it never worked. It’s one of those intangible measurements similar to a bus bench or billboard. However, my opinion is that there are only two people (or groups of people) that care about those posts. You…and other Realtors.


Does it really have an effect on the general public? Or is it an announcement to others in your industry that you’ve “made it”?


I’ve asked my brokerage to exclude me from any top-producing agent lists (except for team accomplishments, because that’s not about me, it’s about the team and some team members may share a different opinion). I feel that offering an extremely high level of service, producing valuable content to your community and sticking to your lead-generating activities produces a far higher yield of new business flowing in than any award that signifies money earned ever will.


My other issue with those awards is that they are based on gross commission income, which is a poor measurement of success as a Realtor. As we all know, it’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how much money you keep!


There are no awards for the most positive Google reviews, client retention or number of repeat clients closed in the last 12 months…it’s all about money.


Listen, I get it…a little friendly competition can be a great motivator for you to reach new levels. But my point is when we share this with the public in an attempt to gain more business, it always seems a bit disingenuous. A glowing review, a photo of the gift your client bought you, or discussing how you helped a long-time client out of a jam goes a lot further in establishing you as the real estate expert in the eyes of your social sphere.


Source: REM Real Estate Magazine, 8th November 2018, Jesse Loader

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